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Zerosmoke free crave control

Zerosmoke™ uses two biomagnets placed on a precise point on the outer ear to help curb cravings via Auricular Therapy (similar to acupuncture but without the needles). The 24k gold magnetic casing acts as both a natural conductor and protects against any allergic reactions. Every free trial order will receive one free Crave Control to keep.

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Place the magnets on your fingertips. Place the smaller magnet to the front of your ear. Place the larger magnet to the back of your ear.

Place on the ear in just seconds – then go about your daily activities. The inherent properties of the two bio-magnets keep them in place by attraction.

BEWARE!! Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations. THEY WILL NOT WORK!! Years of research and development have gone into manufacturing this product. We are protected by a worldwide patent.They are highly technical and scientific medical devices. Cheaper copies are just small magnets which will have no effect. Our products have gone through independent clinical trials which prove their effectiveness.

Many Zerosmoke™ users see results within one week!

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